About Inverugie Golf Club

Inverugie (pronounced in-ver-ooo-gee) is a 9-hole golf course nestled in the hills of the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada. Established in 1977 by Wayne and Penelope McTavish, the course is a par 35 and has a rating of 65 for Men and 67.5 for Women.

Inverugie Golf prides itself on being an accessible, friendly course with a casual atmosphere. The course has remained a sanctuary for those who enjoy a relaxing round of golf, while enjoying nature and the clean country air.

In fact, Inverugie is the only course in the area that does not take reservations (tee times). We operate on a first come, first served basis and you rarely have to wait to play. (Please check our calendar of events for any tournaments or events that may result in course closures ) Guests are always welcome to join our members for a round. Go to the clubhouse or the practice green and let people know that you're looking for a game - you won't be waiting long!

Inverugie is a truly special and unique course, that boasts rich forested areas, sprawling fairways with lovely ponds and a magical waterfall. Inverugie golf also offers some challenging holes, complete with water, sand traps and many other hazards; including fox, rabbits or deer to maneuver around. However, Inverugie is also a great course for beginners and families. If someone is faster and more experienced, just let them play through.

Above all, have fun!